UMES Names Heidi Anderson President

Heidi Anderson, a former provost at Texas A&M University – Kingsville, was yesterday announced as the new president of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. She will replace former president Juliette Bell, who announced her resignation in February, beginning Sept. 1.

UMES will be the first turn at an HBCU for Dr. Anderson, who served as provost for two years before being reassigned as special assistant to the president. She has held academic executive positions at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia and the University of Kentucky, along with teaching experience at Auburn University and the University of Tennessee.

“The Board of Regents and I are pleased to welcome Heidi Anderson as the new president of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore,” said University System of Maryland Chancellor Robert Caret. “Everyone we spoke to described Heidi as a visionary, dynamic, inspirational and trusted leader who fosters strong, collaborative and collegial teams, and who values transparency, integrity and shared governance.”

With her appointment, Dr. Anderson joins Bowie State University President Aminta Breaux and Coppin State University President Maria Thompson as the only three black women to lead institutions within the University of Maryland System, which since 2010 has seen presidential changes at 10 of its 11 member schools with the exception of the University of Maryland Baltimore County.

Since 2015, Bowie State, UMES and Coppin have all changed presidents — the same year Caret, a former president of Towson University and key figure in the lawsuit filed by graduates of the four HBCU campuses against the state, was named system chancellor.

  1. This is a great move and interesting times for UMES with the lawsuit filed against the state of Maryland. The nations HBCUs and states with HBCUs will be awaiting the results of this lawsuit. Without question it will set a precedent either way the outcome goes.

  2. Trump has signaled to conservatives that it is time to make their move. They are using black women the way corporate America does (to do their bidding). Most cabinets at HBCUs contain racist white males that are put in sensitive decision making positions and this is being described as diversity. We need to focus on saving our talented black males at an early age. They are mostly described as troublemakers; because of their intelligence, they see that they are being treated unfairly and don’t know how to respond. We must convince our youths to give their talents to HBCUs and not PWIs. How do you compete with an enemy that feels entitled to (and gets) your best resources. In Africa they waved a red flag to lure us, now they wave the green dollar. God please open the eyes of my people and give us the wisdom to stand and fight as our wise ancestors did. There are still real black men out here that don’t mind setting a strong example for young black men. So, Sistas, don’t be afraid to receive help in rearing a strong black male. Women are nurturers by instinct. Sometimes you must let men discipline boys (reliable, seasoned, and caring men). HBCUS across the country need federal protection, funding, governance, and respect. These proven racists are not going to act in the interest of the HBCU and should not be allowed to retain total control.

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