WATCH: Denny’s CEO Named Wilberforce ‘Innovator-in-Residence’

The head of a major corporation will take a leading role in Wilberforce’s entrepreneurial development center.

  1. Interesting i like the corporate partnersship but Dennys has a bad history of being a racist organization like many of course. So just would like to know their real angle with this move. Maybe trying to get more tax right offs.

  2. What DP says about Dennys is true for anyone with a historical memory. But nah, I want to know what the voice of the HBCU college presidents’ REAL ANGLE is… HBCU Digest has refused to denounce Black colleges taking white supremacists’ money — it is a tradition that is an anti-black tradition. It exposes the fraud of building institutions with independent Black values. You think students are fed up with the housing issues? How are we supposed to rally around HBCU college presidents who are traitors — who in fact are not race men and race women at all? Why doesn’t the truth get out about that? Ya’ll post videos shuckin and jivin for Papa Johns and now you playing that subtle game again with Dennys.

    HBCU Digest is like that leader of the Los Angeles NAACP who kept giving awards to Donald Sterling, the owner of the Clippers, who is charitable but doesn’t want the black to rub off on them. Dude in the National Association for the Advancement of Certain People was like “Ya’ll want to go to college right?” Nah, we want to LEARN FOR REAL and build independent Black institutions. The coming student revolt is going to separate these valid goals from the charlatans among us.

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