WATCH: Is Ralph Northam’s Apology Tour Coming to an HBCU Near You?

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is looking to reclaim his political identity. Should HBCUs help him in the divisive cause?

  1. Why not just say YOU have found another white supremacist for HBCUs to “redeem” for payment? You have already organized his tour or know someone who has. With this type of behavior this is why intelligent Black folks with independent values are fleeing HBCUs.

  2. Isaiah “Black folks with independent values are fleeing HBCUs” is not true at all. All HBCUs have had record enrollment over the past 5 years including the ones in Virginia. Gov. Northam is a racist without question and pimping him for funding to the HBCUs so he can save his political career is no different than the racist ideology pimping “black folks” for resources that our institutions have never gotten. Malcolm X said it best ” You have to fight the oppressor with the same tactics he uses to oppress you”

  3. If there is any meme that I could put up about Ralph,it would be the one where this Black woman is at her door looking at a person with cutting eyes. Instead of letting the person in her home ,she slams the door in their face. Yes..that meme would describe me because that is how I would feel if he came to my campus.

    This joker isn’t sorry. He regrets being caught thinking that his sins wouldn’t catch up to him. This HBCU ” tour” wouldn’t be about saying he’s
    sorry that but endorsing his governorship and further making a mockery of their students. A leopard doesn’t change his spots and Ralph spots will be the same.

    The same I’m sorry hiccups are getting old and tired. Racists like Ralph is no fool. He knows exactly what he’s doing . They’ll say ” sorry”. Who does he think he’s fooling?

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