Why HBCUs Struggle to Build Interest

Search term stats and headlines give new insight into what makes people interested in historically black colleges.

  1. I would disagree in part. The struggle to gain interest is more in perception from the non-HBCU community. In my experience they have never struggled in interest they have only struggled for funding and popularity from the non-HBCU community.

  2. Well stated! There is HIGH interest in attending HBCU’s! You are correct in the perception of non-HBCU community. My experience has been phenomenal to say the least! Lack of funding and resources are a struggle, but this is why WE are able to continue to thrive in the spirit of excellence and PRAYER!

  3. I think that is the point. Right now, only one out of every 10 black students in the country attends an HBCU. We have no problem getting that one student out of every 10. But the challenge is building the appeal and awareness of HBCUs to move that up to at least 30 percent of all black students nationally. 10 percent is not a sustainable stat to keep our schools open and growing.

  4. I graduated from FAMU & am continuously amazed at what our graduates are doing around the world in politics, entertainment, social affairs, business; you name it and we there! All of this started while enrolled & being intentional and challenged. The story is being told among the graduates but not communicated externally enough. So, the 90% & their families feel it’s more profitable to go to the PWI’s where many aren’t given the opportunity to pursue their interests & dreams.

  5. With some non Black folks reasons for their lack of interest of people , some of them think 1: One Asian guy thought that HBCUs were only liberal arts schools 2: That PWI are more recognizable 3: more competitive and 4: didn’t know that HBCUs exist / purpose of them.

    To some people in White society/ workforce did/ still matter. There were a time where depending where you’re degree came from did matter ,especially if it came from an HBCU.As a kid,I remembered that my teachers were required to have master’s degrees and pass their certification tests. Far as schools,it didnt matter what PWI you went to ,as long as it was accredited, you were good to go .With HBCUs? It was a pick. For example( s ) If you went to Morehouse, Spelman or Howard Universities, you were more tolerated but if the HBCU were not recognized,you were up the creek. I knew a lady who was rejected because her HBCU ( Morris Brown) wasn’t recognized at the time. It wasn’t right but in White society anything White is ” right”.

    I’ll never forget about one elderly Black guy I talked with discussing HBCUs. He would tell me disappointed he would be with some Black people implying how “better” PWIs are and how much cheaper they were. He told me this: the reasons that PWIs seems as such is that they are funded more than HBCUs. Far as PWIs being academically better than HBCUs,it’s about learning about White society and not your culture and how the world only grasp White standards counts.

    Through him,I learned that it’s not that PWIs are any better than HBCUs about whose schools are the most well funded,the most recognized and what the world see as good . Sadly, White standards prevail.

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